• Booster PK+




    This additive is especially formulated to provide the right amounts of Phosphorus,

    Potassium, Magnesium and micronutrients to increase flower and fruit production.



    0 - 30 - 27 PK+



    • 30%        [P2O5] Water Soluble Phosphate
    • 27%        [K2O] Water Soluble Potash
    • 8,2%       [MgO] Water Soluble Magnesium Oxide
    • 0,03%     [B] Water Soluble Boron
    • 0,002%   [Cu] Water Soluble Copper (as chelate from EDTA)
    • 0,12%     [Fe] Water Soluble Irom (as chelate from EDTA)
    • 0.05%     [Mn] Water Soluble Manganese (as chelate from EDTA)
    • 0.005%   [Mo] Water Soluble Molybdenum
    • 0.01%     [Zn] Water Soluble Zinc


    Weeks 3 & 4 = 2-3gr/10L Booster + base nutrient
    Weeks 5 & 6 = 3-4gr/10L Booster + base nutrient
    Weeks 7 & 8 = 4-5gr/10L Booster + base nutrient


    Flowering: 5,8 - 6,5


    These values are calculated starting from tap water with EC 0.0

    N-P-K: 24-6-12

    ENGRAIS CE Engrais NPK(Mg) 0-30-27 (5) - Contient Des Oligo-éléments

    0 % d’Azote (N) total  
    30 % d’Anhydride phosphorique (P 2 O 5 ) soluble dans le citrate
    d’ammonium neutre et dans l’eau dont 30 % d’Anhydride
    phosphorique (P 2 O 5 ) soluble dans l’eau
    27 % d’Oxyde de potassium (K 2 O) soluble dans l’eau
    8,2 % d’Oxyde de magnésium (MgO)
    0,03 % Bore (B)  
    0,002 % Cuivre (Cu) chélaté par EDTA  
    0,12 % Fer (Fe) chélaté par EDTA  
    0,05 % Manganèse (Mn) chélaté par EDTA  
    0,005 % Molybdène (Mo)  
    0,01 % Zinc (Zn) chélaté par EDTA  

    Balanced plant nutrition is essential to achieve high yields. If one of the essential plant nutrients is deficient, plant growth is limited to the amount of the lowest available nutrient, even when all other essential nutrients are abundant.

    Furthermore, even if the least used nutrient is not present, the plant will not be able to take in all the other available nutrients, indicating that the elements used intrace amounts are as essential as the macro-nutrients.

    The ‘Liebig barrel’ is used to demonstrate this principle.

    The availability of the most abundant nutrient in the soil is only as good as the availability of the least abundant nutrient in the soil.

    Our Booster contains not only Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) but also extra Magnesium (Mg) and trace elements to ensure the nutrient content is balanced and there is no lack of any element that might limit the uptake of others.