Green House Powder Feeding - Keep it simple!

    Ever since we started growing and breeding cannabis we have been looking for the perfect plant feeding. Never satisfied with the results from using several brands available on the market, we started researching our own formula at the beginning of the third millennium. After several years spent in the lab and in the growrooms, investing significant resources in R&D, we came up with a new concept: keep it simple! 

    Simplicity is our secret for success. Most fertilizer brands on the market require customers to buy a line of products, making things expensive and complicated. We aimed in the  opposite direction, creating a powder product that delivers unprecedented results with minimum cost and a user-friendly approach. Easier to transport, easier to store, easier to use, and with a longer shelf life than liquid fertilizers.

    We are now ready to introduce Green House Powder Feeding. It is a one-component mineral fertilizer developed to target specific types of cannabis. Producing great cannabis has never been so easy. One product for the whole crop. 

    Maximum yield, maximum resin production, minimum effort.