Mineral Line


The life cycle of a plant can be divided in two main stages, the vegetative growth period andthe flowering period.

Both stages can be subclassified into different stages with different needs.


1.) Seedling stage (< 6”)

2.) Young plant & rooted cuttings (6-10”)

3.) Maturing plant (10-14”)

4.) Mature plant (>14”)


1.) Pre-flowering / Transition to flowering (week 1-3)

2.) Flower formation and growth (week 3-6)

3.) Ripening of flowers (week 7+)

Feeding Schedule | Professional Grower | SOIL


Feeding Schedule | Professional Grower | COCO


Bio Line

- BioBloom

BioGrow and BioBloom need to be mixed into the substrate or applied as top dressing. 

It can be used in soil, coco or similar substrates. 

The nutrients will be released constantly during a period of 8 weeks.

Dosage BioGrow

Vegetative growth:

Mother plants:

12 - 18g/Gal substrate    

8 - 12g/Gal substrate every two months (as top dressing)


If the growth period is less than 8 weeks or the substrate is pre-fertilized, doses should be decreased. Use half dosage for seedlings and young plants (2 - 3 weeks old).

If the growth period is longer, a second application is required (as top dressing).



Dosage BioBloom

8 weeks flowering period:

10 weeks flowering period:


12 weeks flowering period:

1st week = 12 - 18g/Gal substrate 

1st week = 8 - 12g/Gal substrate

3rd week = 4 - 5g/Gal substrate 

1st week = 12 - 18g/Gal substrate 

5th week = 4 - 5g/Gal substrate


Dosage recommendations can be decreased for light feeder plants and pre-fertilized soil 

or increased for heavy feeders.


Mix BioEnhancer with water and apply to the plants when watering, once every two weeks. 

Can be used during the whole cycle (vegetative growth and flowering).

Use the Enhancer after transplant for better root development.


Use within 24 hours after mixing!


Dosage BioEnhancer

Adding the Enhancer to water will increase the pH-value to around 8.5. 

When using as foliar spray or as a drench on soil it is not necessary to adjust the pH down. 

When using as a drench for coco, we recommend to adjust the pH before adding Enhancer to 5.0.


Media Drench: 

2 - 4g per US Gallon water every two weeks.


Rooting cuttings:

Soak/drench the medium with 1 - 3g per US Gallon water before placing the cutting.


Germinating seeds:

Soak the seeds in a solution with 2 - 3g per US Gallon water for 8 - 12 hours.


Foliar application:

Mix 3 - 5g with 2.5 US Gallon water and apply once every two weeks during vegetative stage. 

For mother plants, apply 24 hours before taking new cuttings.


A second application of BioBloom is only necessary for plants with a long flowering time.


A second application of BioBloom is only necessary for plants with a long flowering time.