How to use our Mineral Feeding


The life cycle of a plant can be divided in two main stages, the vegetative growth period andthe flowering period.
Both stages can be subclassified into different stages with different needs.


1.) Seedling stage (< 6”)

2.) Young plant & rooted cuttings (6-10”)

3.) Maturing plant (10-14”)

4.) Mature plant (>14”)


1.) Pre-flowering / Transition to flowering (week 1-3)

2.) Flower formation and growth (week 3-6)

3.) Ripening of flowers (week 7+)

  The values in the following tables are calculated using water with EC 0.0

The pH value may decrease depending on water quality and temperatures.

When adding Calcium the PH values may increase depending on water quality and temperatures

Do not use CalMag with our mineral line. Calcium Nitrate is partly incompatible with Monopotassium Phosphate and Magnesium Sulfate and may result in formation of gypsum, clogging pipes or creating deficiencies

Our mineral plant nutrients do not contain calcium, which means that if you use very soft water, rainwater or osmotic water, calcium needs to be added

Keep the nutrient solution between 65 - 72 degrees F

Control the EC of the runoff and flush if it’s higher than EC 2.5 (1250ppm)

For best results maintain a pH value between:

> Soil: 6.0-6.5
> Hydro/Coco: 5.8-6.2 >
> Rockwool: 5.5-6.0